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Our staff is experienced and committed to providing outstanding,
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  Kelly Hinsley   Mr. Kelley Hinsley, a practicing real estate attorney, is the founder and President of Heartland Title, Inc. He has practiced law in Morristown, TN since 1974 and has been a licensed title agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company since 1986. He is active in the Tennessee Land Title Association, having served as director and past-president. His knowledge and expertise in real estate matters assures our customers that Heartland Title provides exceptional legal services in all areas of real estate and distinguishes Heartland from other title agencies.  
  Nancy Wells   Nancy Wells has a remarkable 30 years of experience in the title industry, initially working as a legal assistant in the Law Offices of Kelley Hinsley, and has served as Vice President of Heartland Title Services, Inc., since its inception. Nancy's reputation and skills in facilitating successful closings is well-known to experienced real estate professionals.  
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Susan Carson
Tina Clevenger
  Closing Specialists, Susan Carson, Tina Clevenger and Christy Grizzell in Morristown, bring a quality closing experience to our company. They are all well-trained in real estate and title insurance procedures and are committed to providing our clients smooth, professional closings.  
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